Katherine Jessica Collections was born from the idea that headbands can run the gamut from being decorative and fun to high-fashion statement pieces, yet still be comfortable and affordable. When wanting that look of perfection from head to toe, why not start at the top with a piece from Katherine Jessica Collections in your hair? Katherine Jessica Collections (KJC) is the original company to back each of its handmade headbands with velvet. This is to ensure the comfort of our clients as well as to keep the headband in place. And, you will never find a hard metal or plastic headband--pinching your head and giving you a headache--in the KJC Collection. Besides being fashion forward, comfort is of the utmost importance for our clients. Whatever your age and whatever your occasion, a piece from KJC will compliment - or make - your outfit. By the way, each KJC piece comes wrapped in its own gold mesh gift bag!